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BH Robbins Application

Application Process (to occur between July 1st - November 30th of CA-2 year):

  • Interested candidates should arrange meetings with at least 2 members of the clinical/translational/health science research faculty (Drs. Sherwood, Weinger, Bruehl, Billings, and Pandharipande) and 2 members of the basic science faculty (Drs. Delpire, Curie, and Denton) to discuss their research interests and how these interest may fit into the scope of research opportunities in the Department.
  • Applicants should then seek out mentors in the Department of Anesthesiology or in other Departments at Vanderbilt. Drs. Sherwood, Denton, Weinger, Billings, and Pandharipande are available to assist with the selection of a mentor who would best meet the candidate's individual goals.
    • Selecting a mentor: An appropriate faculty mentor is one who has a sustained track record of extramurally-funded research and peer-reviewed publications as well as prior successful mentorship relationships. Mentors should be chosen based on compatible research interests, interaction styles, and likelihood of success.
    • Mentorship agreement: Once a scholar and mentor mutually agree to work together, a formal Mentorship Agreement must be completed.
  • Candidates should work closely with their selected research mentors to design a research project and put together the BH Robbins Program application package.
    • Designing a research project: Valid projects can involve basic (wet lab), translational, clinical, educational, or health services (e.g., quality of care) research. Applicants should work with their mentor to design a project that tests a specific hypothesis, addresses an unmet need in health sciences, is feasible, and will provide opportunities for the applicant to develop a career in academic research.

Application Package (to be developed in collaboration with your mentor):

  • Curriculum vitae of applicant
  • Curriclium vitae of mentor
  • "Other Support" document of mentor
  • Two letters of recommendation, including one from the research mentor. The mentors letter should outline how the project fits with currently funded research, available resources to the scholar, and a statement about the likelihood the project will spin off into an independent line of research.
  • A 3-page research proposal that provides the brief background, hypothesis, specific aims and methodology for the planned research project, with appropriate references. A sentence or brief section about how the BH Robbins program will assist the candidate in their career development should be included in the application.

Completed applications should be submitted to Camile Crutcher by November 30th of the CA-2 year at