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BH Robbins Scholars & Mentors

  • Michael Chi, MD, (Scholar 2015-2019), is studying the application of ROS-responsive microspheres for on demand anti-inflammatory therapy of neuropathic pain. Dr. Chi is mentored by Craig Duvall, PhD, Jerod Denton, PhD, Ronald Wiley, MD, PhD, and Edward Sherwood, MD, PhD.
  • Thomas Austin, MD, (Robbins scholar 2010 - 2013) investigated the effects of direct inhibition of the cation chloride cotransporter KCC2 on pain perception using a mouse model. He was mentored by Eric Delpire, PhD.
  • Patrick Henson, DO, is investigating the association of PD-1, PD-L1 and other markers of immune suppression in patients with severe burn injury. His mentor is Edward Sherwood, MD.
  • Christopher Hughes, MD, is researching the role of endothelial dysfunction in intensive care unit delirium. He is mentored by Pratik Pandharipande, MD, MSCI.
  • Adam Kingeter, MD, is investigating health resource utilization and is currently working on a project evaluating cost of care in the ICU.
  • Marc Lopez, MD, is investigating the impact of oxidative stress on endothelial dysfunction in cardiac surgery patients randomized to hyperoxia or normoxia during cardiac surgery. He is mentored by Josh Billings, MD, MSCI.
  • Amanda Lorinc, MD, is conducting research in hospital process systems and patient safety. Her current FAER funded project is evaluating the pre-operative handover process and non-routine events that occur in neonatal intensive care unit surgical patients. She is mentored by Matthew Weinger, MD.
  • Carrie Menser, MD, is researching the utilization of a pediatric pain service in the perioperative management of pediatric palliative care patients and evaluating perioperative complications in this patient group. She is also involved in projects related to delirium and withdrawal in pediatric patients, as well as another project evaluating cry acoustics in neonates. She is mentored by Stephen Bruehl, PhD.
  • Joseph Schlesinger, MD, is examining multisensory perceptual training, and specifically improving unisensory pulse oximetry pitch perception and attention load processing. He is translating this to novel alarm development using principles of signal-to-noise ratio and inverse effectiveness. He is mentored by Mark Wallace, PhD, Director of the Vanderbilt Brain Institute, and Matthew Weinger, MD.
  • Heidi Smith, MD, MSCI, is researching pediatric delirium in the critically ill and postoperative emergence delirium. She is mentored by Pratik Pandharipande, MD, MSCI and Wes Ely, MD, MPH.