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Through your generous financial support of the Vanderbilt International Anesthesia program, you can fund a young residents travel to Kenya; purchase much-needed anesthesiology textbooks for African trainees; and help provide equipment and supplies that can mean the difference between a safe, successful surgery and certain death. Your designated donation to VIA goes entirely to advance our training programs excellence and competitiveness, while also reaching outside our borders to assist those desperately in need of improved perioperative care. Thank you for all that you do for the program.

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You can make an online donation to VIA right now through a secure credit card transaction. Click the text, Give Online, to be taken directly to Vanderbilts online giving link. Vanderbilt International Anesthesia (VIA) has already been selected as the program of choice under Allocation. If you want your donation to go for a specific need, such as funding a residents travel to a VIA service site, or to buy textbooks for registered anesthesia nurses in Kenya, please add those notes in the Special Comments field.

To support the VIA Regional Anesthesia Section, type Malchow in the matching gift field and type VIA Regional Anesthesia in the Special Comments field. This will allow every donation made to support regional anesthesia efforts to be matched, dollar for dollar.

Thank you for supporting VIA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Help Support VIA Programs?

VIA program support takes several forms, including fundraising from private, institutional, and corporate partners, as well as supply and material donation from hospitals and healthcare-related businesses.

How Will Equipment and Supplies Be Acquired and Shipped?

The acquisition and distribution of medical equipment and supplies to support our medical missions is crucial to our success in caring for patients and educating others about anesthesia practice. Several initiatives are already underway in our hospitals and the local community to procure essential supplies and equipment through directed donations through our program.

After our VIA team leaders assess site-specific needs, we will create a shipping and delivery plan to ensure the donations are those most needed and that all shipments expeditiously reach their destination. Once the necessary donations are procured, the work doesnt end. Everyone can play an active part in the organization, inventory and packaging of the supplies into cargo containers ready to ship to international mission sites. This means of packing supplies is the most economically feasible method for getting goods from the US to the area of need.

What About Fundraising?

The VIA program depends significantly upon extramural grant funding and philanthropic support for its success. Funding resources include grants; corporate sponsorships and donations from private industry including country-specific corporations and anesthesia pharmaceutical firms, supply and equipment companies; and donations from Vanderbilt faculty and staff of their time and financial resources. External funding will certainly increase the longevity of our initiatives, and as the scope of the VIA program expands, more components will be introduced that will require financial support, such as a web-based anesthesia CME program and visual educational exchange with the VUMC-based faculty.

Local and regional activities will be coordinated by the Department of Anesthesiology to raise funds to support the program. In addition, department faculty and staff are encouraged to donate to VIA through Vanderbilts Partners-in-Health program.