VIA Strategy

Our goal is to provide multiple international experiences for our participants. Initially, these experiences will be achieved by building upon existing relationships and programs established by Vanderbilt faculty and existing extramural programs established by international organizations which are consistent with our educational objectives.

Simultaneously, we will establish relationships with small group of international medical centers to create a consistent presence of VIA participants at these sites to better achieve our program objectives. These partnerships will best achieve the tripartite goals of the VIA program with the most efficient administrative and educational infrastructure. Our eventual objective is to have such in-residence partnerships in several geographic regions.  Moreover, our goals are:

  • Partnering with already existing international programs within VUMC which will allow for a service experience for faculty and trainees in areas with known opportunity or the potential for educational program development.
  • Developing the administrative and financial resources required to create and maintain an international anesthesia program.
  • Developing partnerships between the Department of Anesthesiology and international academic, government, or private/corporate institutions.