Vanderbilt’s program in Kenya is led by Dr. Mark Newton who, along with his family, lived and worked for several years at Kijabe Hospital. Located in the highlands of Kenya on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, about one hour north of the capital of Nairobi, Kijabe Hospital is one of the few tertiary care centers in the country. Although founded in 1915, the institution has grown more rapidly since 1961 to become a major hospital and education center for medical providers who work in Kenya and many surrounding East African countries.

This 260-bed complex, composed of a 230-bed main hospital, a 30-bed orthopedic and rehabilitation children’s hospital and one of the best nursing schools (founded in 1982) in Kenya, is the education center for Kenyan and international medical students, interns and residents. The hospital is managed by a Kenyan Christian denominational institution which desires to continue developing programs to provide service, education and even research in order to improve the medical care of the disadvantaged citizens and refugees in Kenya.

Dr. Newton returned to Kenya in late August 2008 to continue the work already begun in Kijabe, serving as the first member of the Vanderbilt Anesthesiology Department to work as a physician overseas in a long-term capacity. He is also serving as director of the Vanderbilt International Anesthesia Program.