Improving Education Abroad


International CME Development

The opportunity to deepen the level of knowledge in the area of anesthesia theory and clinical application in less-developed regions of the world is an aspect of the VIA program that will have a great long-term impact. Physicians, nurses, and other anesthesia care providers in many countries lack exposure to continuous medical education programs, and VIA can help fill that void. The initial planned areas of Educational Symposia will be the Caribbean (Jamaica/West Indies), Guatemala and Kenya.

Telemedicine & Long-distance CME

VIA plans to export proprietary technology to enable Vanderbilt faculty to provide telemedicine to partner programs in Kenya and surrounding African countries. Utilizing the Vigilance application, anesthesia providers in Nashville could educate and even provide clinical support for anesthesia colleagues and trainees working in partnering institutions in Africa.

Vanderbilt can also use technology to extend our campus-based graduate education programs to benefit partners based in Kenya and other African partners through the delivery of CME through the Internet. This type of CME program will help the ongoing development of anesthesia care infrastructure in areas of Africa. Satellite telemedicine education centers could be located at partnering African universities, referral hospitals and rural health centers which could provide for educational opportunities within many levels of the healthcare system in Africa.