Area of Interest:


Clinical Decision Support

Impact of Intraoperative Notifications – Vanderbilt has been a leader in the area of anesthesia information management systems (AIMS) development for the past decade. GasChart, the AIMS component of the Vanderbilt Perioperative Information Management System (VPIMS) is part of an integrated system that covers the entire perioperative process and extends to include instrument and supply management, scheduling and status displays. Vigilance and VigiVU are applications that allow anesthesiologists and other clinicians to remotely view real-time video, vital signs, and the accumulating AIMS record via either a desktop or mobile device on up to four patients simultaneously. We are formally studying these in a systematic fashion to understand their operational, safety, and usability impact.

Operations Research

OB Anesthesia Suite Modeling Project – Obstetrical Anesthesia is an unpredictable field where delivery of a child or pregnancy complication requiring an operating room (OR) can arise at any moment.  It is common to keep a room “open” for these purposes.  As volume increases, there is little literature describing the number of open rooms required to provide an adequate safety net for these emergent procedures.  We are using historical scheduling data to determine an acceptable period a suite could function at capacity before requiring an additional room.

Perioperative Genomics

Identification of Intraoperative Phenotypes – We are working to utilize our dense intraoperative historical dataset to identify a series of specific phenotypes which will ultimately be available for use in a forthcoming personalized medicine program.

Patient Education

Impact of Health Literacy on Surgical Outcomes – Health literacy has been shown to impact patient outcomes in a variety of settings outside the perioperative environment. Specifically, poor health literacy and / or numeracy negatively impacts patients with chronic diseases and leads to increased hospital admissions and worse outcomes. We are investigating the relationship between health literacy and perioperative / surgical outcomes.

Predictive Modeling

Patients Complaints and Outcomes – The Department of Anesthesiology collects patient complaint data through its standard quality assurance processes. We are in the process of identifying specific predictors of complaints and the relationship between patient complaints and patient specific outcomes.


Impact of Methylphenidate on Emergence – Methylphenidate is commonly used to control symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Basic science evidence suggests that ascending arousal pathways in the brain promote emergence from general anesthesia. We are therefore evaluating the impact of methylphenidate on emergence times from general anesthesia.