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Faculty lead a SCCA Critical Care Congress

Many Critical Care Medicine faculty presented research or notable cases at the January Society of Critical Care Medicine’s Critical Care Congress in San Francisco. Notably, Joseph Schlesinger, MD, received the 2014 Education Specialty Award for excellence in critical care research from SCCM for his abstract on multisensory training on pitch perception. Chris Hughes, MD, was also selected as a Research Citation Finalist for his submission, “Role of Endothelial Dysfunction and Blood Brain Barrier Injury in Acute Brain Dysfunction.”

Presentations included:

  • Oral Abstract: “Acute Kidney Injury Following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – Incidence, Risk Factors and Outcomes,” Avinash Kumar, Matthew Shotwell, Yaping Shi, Jesse Ehrenfeld
  •  Poster: “Financial Impact of Adding Nurse Practitioners to Critical Care Teams,” April Kapu, Pam Jones, Lee Parmley
  • Poster: “Outcomes of Training Acute Care Practitioner (ACNPs) to Provide Care Across Multiple ICUS,” Emily Holcombe, Lee Parmley
  • Poster: “Effects of Multisensory Training on Pitch Perception of a Pulse Oximeter,” presented by Joe Schlesinger, Ryan Stevenson, Mark Wallace
  • Poster: “Effect of Clonidine Following Prolonged Administration of Dexmedetomidine in Critically Ill Patients,” William Moore, Kelli Rumbaugh, Susan Hamblin, Tracy McGrane
  •  Poster: “Role of Endothelial Dysfunction and Blood Brain Barrier Injury in Acute Brain Dysfunction,” Chris Hughes, Timothy Girard, Jennifer Thompson, Ayumi Shintani, Angela Jefferson, Wes Ely, Pratik Pandharipande
  • Poster: “Executive Dysfunction and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders After Critical Illness in Children,” Heidi Smith, Stacey Doran, Jenna Sopfe, Daniel Fishman, Pamela Berry, Matthew Kynes, Wes Ely, Pratik Pandharipande
  • Poster: “Treatment of Sepsis in the ICU Using an Integrated Electronic Management Tool: A Randomized Trial,” Matthew Semler, Lisa Weavind, Michael Hooper, Supriya Gowda, Gordon Bernard, Todd Rice, Arthur Wheeler