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Letter from Global Anesthesiology Fellowship Program Director, Kelly McQueen, MD, MPH

Kelly McQueen, MD, MPHThank you for your interest in the Vanderbilt Department of Anesthesiology’s Global Anesthesiology Fellowship. This innovative fellowship may be customized according to your interests and may be completed in one or two years, depending on your goals. If a two-year fellowship is chosen, completion of a master of public health degree (MPH) is an option through the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health.

We are committed to providing the highest quality training and education to our fellows for the provision of safe anesthesia and ethical research on a spectrum of topics related to anesthesia and surgery in low- and middle-income countries. Opportunities for writing and publication are an essential component of the global anesthesia fellowship, as the scarcity of information on patient safety, education, and outcomes limits the ability to improve the anesthesia conditions in many of the poorest countries. We offer our fellows a truly unique experience designed to meet your goals related to a career in global anesthesia. It is our hope that our fellowship graduates will expand the body of research on international medical service, as well as be a part of the solution in the ongoing global burden of surgical disease and the global anesthesia crisis. Our goal is to train and qualify the future leaders, educators and innovators in global health.

The Global Anesthesiology Fellowship includes a strong didactic and educational program specifically dedicated to the safe practice of anesthesia in austere and remote settings. The fellowship also offers mentorship and guidance from my years of experience in global health, as well as the experience of other Vanderbilt faculty dedicated to this issue.

The fellowship will provide participants the insights and skills to understand and address the global burden of surgical disease and the global anesthesia crisis, recognize and overcome challenges in practicing safe anesthesia in low-resource settings, understand the principles as well as the complications of regional anesthetic techniques, and be familiar with the growing body of literature on global anesthesia and surgical practices.

We welcome your application and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Dr. Kelly McQueen, MD, MPH
Program Director

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