Mechanisms and Management of Pain

Stephen Bruehl, PhDLed by Stephen Bruehl, PhD

Understanding the complex interplay of genetic, biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to a patient's pain experience is crucial for optimizing perioperative care and enhancing surgical outcomes. The Mechanisms and Management of Pain group includes faculty conducting research on pain-related topics ranging from the genetic and molecular level to the psychosocial level.

Expertise in this group includes: regulation of ion channels relevant to both pain transmission and pain management (Currie, Delpire, Denton, *Grueter), animal models of pain (Delpire, *Grueter, Wiley), drug development (Delpire, Denton), neuroimaging of pain (Chen), neuropeptide modulation of pain (Bruehl, Wiley), pain-related central nervous system sensitization (Bruehl, Walker), pain genetics (Bruehl, Denton), personalized medicine (Bruehl), pharmacological and interventional neural blockade techniques for pain management (Bruehl, Huntoon), post-surgical complex regional pain syndrome (Bruehl), and psychosocial aspects of pain and pain management (Walker, Bruehl).