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AIDS Education Outreach

AIDS OUTREACH is a team of Vanderbilt University graduate, undergraduate, and professional students, who come together from all fields to provide AIDS education in the classrooms of Nashville youth. AIDSO not only provides a great resource to Nashville area youth, but also offers many opportunities and benefits to its volunteers!

AIDSO is a great way to make a positive contribution to our community, a means for our volunteers to gain valuable teaching experience, and a place of interaction for those who share similar interests in community service and public health. In all we educate over 500 students a year and travel to multiple schools in a 30 mile radius of Vanderbilt University. Funding for this program is underwritten by various grants provided by the medical and pharmaceutical community as well as the University. Funding is used to support the program in both the education of the students and the training of the outreach leaders.

If you have any questions about AIDSO or would like to sign up, please visit the contacts page.