Steps to Receiving Financial Aid

1.  Submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid), either by paper or on the web. The web address is
2.  The school code for VUMC Programs in Allied Health is E01032.

3.  Sign the application per the instructions and mail it (if paper) or submit it per instructions online. Your application will not be processed until the signature page is received by the Department of Education.

4.  You should receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) about the same time we receive the same information to our system called an Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR).
5.  Once your correct and completed ISIR is received in this office and we receive confirmation of your acceptance into the program from your Program Director, you will receive an award letter via US Mail. You must indicate the awards you accept/decline, sign and return a copy of the Award Response Form to this office. 
6.  After 30 days enrollment has passed, you will be contacted to schedule an Entrance Interview, at which time you will complete all of your paperwork for the loans and entrance interview. 
7.  Your Program Director must provide to the Financial Aid office a statement of satisfactory academic progress and a Statement of Account due to the program before checks can be disbursed.
8.  When the loan disbursements are received in this office via EFT (approximately 10 days from completion of your 30 day enrollment period), all amounts owed by the student for tuition and fees for that period will be deducted from the disbursement. The checks will then be cut for any remaining funds due the student. This process should be completed within 14 days from the date of the EFT receipt. You will then be contacted via email to come pick up your check. 
9.  Please note: Financial aid loans are paid out in two disbursements, one approximately 45 days from your first day of attendance, the second approximately 2 weeks after the mid-point of the academic year. No tuition is expected from you until your first loan disbursement is made.

You need to have living expense monies available for your first 60 days of attendance, since your first loan disbursement is not available to you until approximately 45 days after beginning the program. Please plan accordingly. 

10.  If you need a deferment form completed for earlier federal loans, you may submit one that has your information and signature filled out to this office for certification. (We also can supply you with a generic deferment form if necessary). Please include an addressed/stamped envelope for the form to be mailed. Photocopies of completed deferment forms are maintained in the Financial Aid office.