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Why should we be interested in CORES?  What's in it for me?

     CORES replaces many paper-based processes allowing for more efficient business operations.  CORES saves time and effort in billing, reduces paper, and while allowing the core managers to get back to science and customer service.  Internal accounts receivable is essentially eliminated.  The Office of Research is able to look at key business indicators across all cores and year-end reporting is greatly simplified. 

 How much training is involved?

     The software is extremely intuitive.  Typically the Core Managers and Administrators receive about one hour of training and the PIs do not require any training.

What about updates and on-going support?

     Vanderbilt provides unlimited functional and technical support.  Vanderbilt continues to enhance the system and provide multiple releases each year. 

 Is this system tied to a specific ERP/Accounting system?

     No, CORES will be configured to produce a specific output file based on your institution's general ledger format.

Is there a limit on the number of cores we can use with this system?

     No, you add as many cores as you would like.  Vanderbilt currently operates over 100 cores with the system.

So what are the next steps?

   Contact Vanderbilt for a demo.  Assuming you want to move forward Vanderbilt will work with you to configure the system for your needs, load your data and assist you with getting your pilot cores established.  It's that easy.