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What they're saying...

What they are saying........

The Office of Research-IT receives comments from time to time from the user community. Here is what they are saying. . . .

 “Prior to partnering with Vanderbilt, our core administration was a mess. Each core managed its own operation using its own tools and its own interpretation of how a recharge center should be run. CORES allowed us to put a unified interface onto our core billing, insuring that for all of our cores, billing was consistent and compliant. CORES also created transparency for those processes, enabling institutional officials to ensure that core business operations are undertaken in compliance with Children’s policies and the applicable regulations. Moreover, Vanderbilt has been amazing to work with, adapting CORES to meet the particular need of Children’s and Children’s cores. Prompted by the need of Children’s biostats core, for example, Vanderbilt was able to expand the order entry functionality of CORES to include a time entry function that allows core staff to record the specific hours worked on a given project. Vanderbilt has been amazing in allowing Children’s a significant voice in setting the agenda for the further development of CORES.”

John M. Streck

Chief, Research Operations

Seattle Children’s Research Institute

  “We have formed a great partnership with Vanderbilt and the CORES team.  Georgetown benefitted from the CORES software beyond the initial implementation of the system.  The CORES team worked with us from handwritten records of usage; to the analysis phase through; to implementation and production.  The CORES application is intuitive and flexible and meets the wide variety of needs from our different cores.

     Most significantly, the CORES team and software is so flexible that we've been able to move beyond debiting and crediting to excellence in service, work flow, reporting and billing.”

Erin Fogarty

Administrator, Shared Resources

Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center 

Georgetown University Medical Center

 "It is no overstatement to say that CORES has revolutionized the management of VCU's core laboratories.  CORES is an indispensable tool that gives us both the framework and the real time data  that we need to ensure that our core laboratories are managed in a fiscally responsible manner that is in compliance with all regulatory mandates.   Thankfully, the fragmented and confusing systems of yesteryear are now just a bad memory.  CORES is a hit with both administrators and users alike.  Of course, a system of this scope is more than just software -- VCU was an early adopter of the CORES system, and the CORES team at Vanderbilt has been wonderfully responsive to our requests and suggestions.  CORES merits my strongest recommendation for any institution looking at solutions for core lab and shared resource management and scheduling.”  

Paul Fawcett, Ph.D.

Director of Research Infrastructure

Virginia Commonwealth University

"I cannot tell you how much your exemplary customer service means to us and to the success of this project.  Thank you!!     

Jane Helgeson

Business Analyst II - Research

Mayo Clinic


  "I spent about 4-6 hours entering my billing manually each month that I no longer have to do" - Vanderbilt Core Manager (using the reservation module)

"Thank you for the 'giant leap forward' ...adjustment(s) of the DAC charges seems to have gone without a hitch...Wow, this really makes things better."  - Vanderbilt Investigator 

"I would like to say THANK YOU for being so efficient with your billing procedures. I receive an invoice ...after the service and the charges are posted in a timely manner to our ledgers. I don't know what exactly you changed, but thanks again -- you make my job of reconciling charges each month go much faster." - Vanderbilt Administrative Assistant

 "Our VUIIS Cores are piloting the use of a scanner card system that currently is used in one of the product cores. It's working really well for us and it's good to hear that it's working well for our investigators and their staff as well." - Vanderbilt Center Director

 "Looks like you've added some nice new features...Thanks, keep up the great work!!"- Vanderbilt Core Manager