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A Word from the VUMC Compliance Team

Welcome! The Office of Healthcare Compliance manages VUMC’s compliance program.  Our office mission is to ensure and promote the highest standards of business ethics.  VUMC is committed to complying with all federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.  Specifically, our office is tasked with:

  • Preventing any accidental or intentional violations of law
  • Detecting violations if they occur
  • Immediately taking corrective measures if violations occur

Our team ensures that VUMC implements and maintains an effective compliance program that includes the seven key elements as follows:

While we manage the day-to-day aspects of VUMC’s compliance operations, you are compliance in action.  It is everyone's responsibility to ensure successful compliance institution wide.  This includes understanding and following VUMC's policies and procedures, which are designed to follow the laws, rules, and regulations that govern the healthcare industry, and by doing the right thing and speaking up when unethical, illegal, or unsafe activity is known or suspected.

We make integrity a priority in everything we do.

For a quick overview of Integrity in Action here at VUMC, click here