Leadership Tactics

Research shows that the following Leadership Tactics, when deployed effectively, will support the attainment of our organizational pillar goals.  These tactics were introduced by the Studer Group and are key to our elevate journey towards excellence.
  • Rounding for Outcomes - The consistent practice of asking specific questions of key stakeholders—leaders, employees, physicians and patients—to obtain actionable information.
  • Recognition - Affirming words, hand written thank you notes and or other methods used to recognize, reward and reinforce good performance and behavior.
  • Employee Selection and the First 90 Days - A retention tool as well as a way of building individual. accountability within employees. Hire your co-workers, train your co-workers, orient your co-workers and be a role model for your co-workers.
  • Discharge Phone Calls - A way for staff to reconnect with patient after their visit to our medical center.
  • Key Words at Key Times - Using specific words to use with patients, staff and physicians to let them know what we are doing and why we are doing it.