Patient Experience

At Vanderbilt, we seek to continually improve the quality of care and the experience provided to all of our patients and their families. We accomplish this is by regularly monitoring our performance through the use of patient satisfaction surveys. What our patients think about us directly impacts their decisions in choosing Vanderbilt for healthcare or going elsewhere.

Patient satisfaction, or the perception a patient has of one or more aspects of his or her care, is an important measure of quality. Additionally, how well we work together as a team coordinating patient care impacts the overall quality of care we deliver.

The Service Measurement and Improvement (SMI) team directs and implements all patient satisfaction measurement for VUMC including federally required surveys (HCAHPS). SMI's work involves providing guidance to VUMC leaders in accessing, understanding and improving scores. SMI strives to deliver meaningful and actionable patient feedback including survey and website education. The department works together with leadership to uncover trends and provides direction in prioritizing improvement efforts. SMI functions within the division of Patient Experience and Service to assist in the creation of a better patient experience.


  • Denise Rabalais, Director - 936-6066
  • Lara Mead, Senior Consultant - 343-6539
  • Jayson K. Parshall, Senior Consultant - 936-6014
  • Iris Clune, Administrative Assistant - 936-0067

For more information and resources, visit the VUMC Patient Experience Website.