Physician Coaching

Physician Coaching is a service our team offers to providers seeking to improve upon their delivery of the patient experience.  There are two levels of Physician Coaching available.

Prior to requesting a coaching engagement it is recommended that you are familiar with your patient satisfaction data by attending training on VUMC's Patient Experience Results Portal (Press Ganey's Improvement Portal and Press Ganey Online). 

Level I - Coaching: This session focuses on your specific patient data and evidence based tactics to enhance the patient experience. Through conversation with a coach, you will learn how to apply personalized techniques to your unique setting.

Prior to meeting with you, the coach will review your PRC Data.  During the session, your coach will review your PRC Data with you using the Physician Scoring Awareness Grid. The session may focus on how to apply your data, engaging physician teams and creating accountability.

Level II - Coaching: This session features real-time feedback from a coach who observes during your patient interaction without disturbing the clinical visit. Using evidence-based tactics, feedback is focused on communication skills, body language and patient perceptions.

5.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits are available per session

Prior to meeting with you, the coach will review your PRC Data. This session will consist of observational shadowing, real time feedback and a discussion of findings toward the development of an action plan.

Coach who specifically focuses on Level II - Physician Coaching

Lynn Webb, Ph.D., MBA
Physician Coach
Assistant Dean for Faculty Development
Assistant Professor of Medical Education
and Administration