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During the group workshop or individual/ couples counseling, the goals are to achieve:

  • Increased sense of control and well being.
  • Managing and/or reducing physical symptoms.
  • Learning coping tactics to diminish grief and loss.
  • Restructuring negative thought patterns to decrease worry and upset.
  • A balanced lifestyle.
  • Increasing mindfulness and ease through relaxation, deep breathing, and visualization techniques.
  • Enhancing communication skills.
  • Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system.
  • Developing intimate bonds with other women with similar issues.


It is known

that stress can result in an overall diminished quality of life and the ability of the body to function normally and efficiently. Research indicates that women who have difficulty conceiving suffer as much anxiety and depression as women with heart disease and cancer. It has been found that worry and anxiety can hinder fertility - alleviating stress can help increase the chances of conceiving. The Fertile Hope Program for Healing has been created to assist couples and individuals move through this time in their lives.

The Fertile Hope Program for Healing is an infertility counseling service in Nashville, Tennessee. Michele Martens has extensive experience counseling infertile couples and individuals during all phases of the fertility journey. The support group follows a 6 week workshop format that combines lecture, hands on experience and peer support specifically to enhance fertility or to assist a couple in achieving alternative paths to parenthood or choosing child free living. Individual and couples counseling is also available. Discounted counseling is available from October to July with services offered by Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner students.

The Mind Body Workshop is ongoing in 6 week cycles. Space is limited.

Please call for details. 615-480-1811

Individual and couple counseling is available.

Empowering women through the creation of self-awareness, promotion of self-healing, and the teaching of coping techniques to aid in the regeneration of healthy lifestyles.