Faculty Training

All faculty in the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing who will have access to protected health information are required to complete an annual training module as a HIPAA refresher and an update related to new or revised VUMC privacy and/or information security policies.

School of Medicine and School of Nursing Faculty: The training module is automatically assigned every year based upon the faculty member's compliance training profile in the Faculty Orientation and Training Office.  The annual training module for SOM and SON faculty is a blended version of the separate HIPAA Basic and Annual Training modules.    Please note that faculty are required to review the course content and complete the attestation at the end of the module.  The faculty annual training module is assigned in VandySafe through the Faculty Orientation and Training Office (FOTO) based upon the faculty member’s training profile.

If you have any difficult accessing the training modules or if you have any questions, please call the Privacy Office at (615)936-3594 or email at Privacy.Office@vanderbilt.edu.

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Managers who have staff who do not have access to computers to complete the online training may use the PowerPoint version of the appropriate training module.
2017 Annual Compliance Requirements 
2016 - Attestation