NON -VUMC Confidentiality

Other Individuals Accessing Confidential Information:
Individuals who are not employed or directly affiliated with VUMC may be granted access to confidential information under certain circumstances as defined by policy. Special purpose confidentiality agreements (see agreements in module on the right) have been developed for use by these categories of individuals.
* Compliance or Research Monitors/Auditors: All research study monitors and external auditors who are not Vanderbilt employees and who have access to patient information in any format must accept the terms of the Confidentiality Requirements for Compliance or Research Monitors/Auditors.
* Vendors: Vendors who will only be on campus are processed through the Vendor Liaison Office and must review the HIPAA Handout and review and sign the Confidentiality Policy and Access Agreement for Vendors.
* Visitors in Clinical Areas: Individuals visiting clinical areas of the medical center for observational experiences or as part of their working relationship with VUMC may come in contact with patient or other confidential information. These individuals need to read and sign the Overview of Privacy Policies/Confidentiality Agreement for Visitors in Clincial Areas. This form should be maintained by the department sponsoring the visitor.
* Media Confidentiality: Members of the Media who are authorized to be in patient care areas consistent with VMC Policy OP 10-10.06, Media Access must sign the Confidentiality Agreement for Recording, Filming, Photographing and Media Interviews. This signed form is maintained by News and Public Affairs.