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How to find us:

The Neuro ICU is locted on the 6th floor of the Critical Care Tower. Any of the representatives at the Guest Services Desks can help you with directions to your destination. Many good tips for visiting the medical center are listed on Vanderbilt Health.

Who we are:

6T3 The Neuro ICU is one of the largest in the country with 22 ICU beds and 12 step-down beds. Our large referral base ensures we are consistenly treating a full range of neurology and neurosurgical patients. Patients travel from all over the southeastern region of the US to receive the specialized neuro care that we provide. Our neuro trained Critical Care Anesthesiology team is on site 24/7 providing quick access to expert care. Using a multidisciplinary approach helps promote team learning, group dynamics and excellent patient care. Our patient focus is on monitoring the neurological status of our patients, detecting cues of neurological decline, early intervention, quick return to optimal health, and the maintenance of ideal neurological status.

Our Neuro ICU specializes in providing critical care to patients with brain tumors, strokes, and any disease of the brain and spinal cord. Our team prides themselves on teamwork, and assessment skills.The neuro patient population often has extreme deficits which require the bedside staff to have excellent neuro assessment skills. These skills are developed through both time and patience. As a Comprehensive Stroke Center, we provide top level care and unique services to give our patients the best chance at recovery. Our excellence in patient care was recognized at a unit level in 2014 when were awarded the AACN Beacon Award and the Professional Research Consultants, Inc Excellence in Healthcare award for Overall Quality of Care.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Comprehensive Stroke Center
  • American Heart Association's Get With the Guidelines Gold Star Award
  • AACN's Beacon Award for Excellence
  • PRC Overall Quality of Care Award (multiple awards)- in the top performer category (only ICU at Vanderbilt to win this award)


  • Shift Leader (one on day shift, one on night shift - the shift leader does not have a patient assignment)
  • Help All (nurse that floats throughout the shift helping with procedures, admissions, etc)
  • Neuro ICU Nurse practitioners (staff the unit 24/7)
  • Neuro ICU MD's (team of Attendings, Fellows, Residents and Interns - Attending and Fellow available 24/7)