How is Vanderbilt Pharmacy prepared to provide mail order prescriptions?
Vanderbilt Pharmacy has delivered medications to patients for over 10 years. We have dedicated staff and workspace to support the delivery of medications.
How do I begin mail order services?
Please CLICK HERE to open an enrollment form, complete and either email or fax to the Vanderbilt Mail Order Pharmacy. If you prefer, you can call the Pharmacy, and the staff can help you enroll.
You may contact the Mail Order Pharmacy as follows:
Phone 615-875-0078
Fax 615-875-0077
How will my medication be delivered?
The Pharmacy utilizes UPS or FedEx to deliver your medications to the place of your choosing. Your medications will be tracked from the Pharmacy to your door.
Medications that are heat sensitive will be appropriately packaged.
When can I expect my medication delivered?
If your prescription is able to be refilled, your medication will be to the delivery company within 2 business days. For standard delivery, please allow an additional 5 days for delivery.
If there are issues refilling your prescription, the staff at the Pharmacy will contact you and update you regarding the status of your order.
What is the delivery fee?
There is no charge for standard delivery or for delivery of heat-sensitive medications that must be delivered overnight. If you require quicker delivery, the Pharmacy will charge the cost of the higher delivery service.
How do I let you know I need refills?
You may contact the Vanderbilt Employee Mail Order Pharmacy as follows:
Phone 615-875-0078
Fax 615-875-0077
How will you process my payment?
Your copayment and any additional delivery fees will be charged to your credit card or debit card.
What if there are problems with my delivery?
Please contact the Vanderbilt Employee Mail Order Pharmacy and let the staff know your concerns.
Can I change from mail order to pick up?
Yes. When you contact the Pharmacy for your refills, please indicate if you will pick up the medications or if you want them to be delivered. If you are picking them up, please indicate from which pharmacy.