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The Metabolic Physiology Shared Resource (MPSR) (Kevin Niswender, MD, Ph.D., Director) assists investigators wishing to address hypotheses related to diabetes and metabolism.  The Rat Metabolic Physiology Core (RMPC) is a section of the MPSR that provides novel techniques to better understand specifically rat models of diabetes and its complications. 

The RMPC offers a variety of services including:  chronic artery &/or vein cannulation, chronic ileal vein cannulation, chronic portal vein cannulation, insulin clamps, pancreatic clamps, indirect calorimetry, blood pressure measurements, and more.


Our Goals

  • broaden the scope of techniques available to investigators
  • standardize key methodologies
  • expedite the completion of research
Sprague-Dawley Rats








We are located in rooms 7440 MRBIV (lab) and 851 LH (office).