Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I lost my card. How can I get a replacement?
A. We can e-mail you a copy of your card, mail you a replacement card, or you can obtain a replacement card at our office. Back to top
Q. Do I need a renewal or provider/initial course?
A. If it is your first time taking the class you will need a provider/initial course. If you card is still current or you have recently expired you may take a renewal course. Back to top
Q. What course do I need?
A. Please visit our course descriptions page for help in deciding which course you need. Also you can refer to the CPR Policy CL 30-08.21. Back to top
Q. All the courses are full and I need to get into one soon. What are my options?
A. You may add yourself to a waitlist for a course session. If you are added to a course from the waitlist, you will receive an e-mail notification.
For BLS and Heartsaver CPR/AED only, you may choose to utilize the standby option. This requires that you arrive to any BLS/Heartsaver course and ask to be added to the standby list. When we have no shows, etc, seats are filled from the list in the order of arrival. It is NOT a guaranteed seat but we will try our best to get in as many people as possible. Back to top
Q. When are courses released for registration?
A. Course for the following month are released on the 15th of the current month. We hope this will be beneficial to everyone's scheduling needs. Back to top
Q. I already have ACLS and/or PALS. Why do I need BLS, too?
A. ACLS and PALS do not cover all of the skills taught in a BLS course. ACLS only tests competency in 1-rescuer adult CPR/AED. PALS only tests competency in 1-rescuer infant CPR and child CPR/AED. The BLS course teaches 1-and 2-rescuer Adult, Child, and Infant CPR, AED use, and choking relief. Back to top
Q. When does my card expire?
A. All AHA cards are good for 2 years. They expire on the last day of the month in which you took the course. Back to top
Q. Do you offer courses to the community?
A. Due to the high demand for courses from our staff, we are not able to offer our courses to people in the community. Back to top
Q. Where do I sign up for ATLS or NRP?
A. For ATLS, contact Cathy Wilson at 936-0194. For NRP, visit their site at Back to top
Q. Do you cancel class in the case of inclement weather?
A. VRP does not have an inclement weather/course cancellation policy. We will do our best to proceed with the students and faculty who are present. If we are unable to hold class, we will notify students ASAP by email. PLEASE USE YOUR OWN JUDGMENT AS TO WHETHER OR NOT TO ATTEND CLASS. Back to top
Q. Where can I get a book for class?
A. Textbooks are available online. Click here for access instructions. Back to top
Q. Where can I buy an AHA textbook?
A. The AHA has 3 online vendors: WorldPoint, Laerdal, and Channing-Bete. Back to top