David Cappel

From the Washington, D.C., area,  David Cappel received his undergraudate degree in Molecular Biology at Princeton University in 2008.  At Princeton, he worked under Dr. Amy Caudy studying the regulation of mitochondrial DNA copy number.  David entered the IGP program in the fall of 2008 and has been a member of the Stafford lab since 2009.  His current research focuses on the role of glucose as a substrate and signal in hepatic lipid metabolism.



David's Publications

Wu, K., D. Cappel, M. Martinez, and J.M. Stafford. 2010.  Impaired-inactivation of FoxO1 contributes to glucose-mediated increases in serum VLDL. Endocrinology. 115 (8): 3566-3576.PMID: 20501667   PMCID: PMC2940519.


Martinez, M, C. Emfinger, M. Overton, S. Hill, T. S. Ramaswamy, D. Cappel, K. Wu, S. Fazio, D.Hachey, D. Tabb, J.M. Stafford 2012. Obesity and altered carbohydrate metabolism impact HDL composition in CETP transgenic mice: A role for ovarian hormones. Journal of Lipid Research. Mar; 53 (3): 379-89. PMID:  22215797.