TCS External Links

External Organizations

Department of Health and Human Services

DHHS is the Federal Agency responsible for developing and administering HIPAA regulations. This site has the complete text of the regulations and other useful information.

CMS Official Website

CMS is the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (formerly HCFA). CMS is responsible for implementing various unrelated provisions of HIPAA and is the entity responsible for enforcement of HIPAA Transactions.

CMS HIPAA Electronic Health Care Transactions and Code Sets Complaint Submission Form

CMS has instituted an Online Complaint Submission Form to submit complaints about covered entities who are not compliant with the HIPAA electronic transactions and code set standards.


This site, sponsored by a consulting company, has educational material and news updates. You can also sign up for a HIPAA listserv.


This workgroup identifies industry 'best practices' for implementation of HIPAA standards.

SNIP stands for the Strategic National Implementation Process. SNIP is a forum for coordinating the necessary dialog among industry implementers of the HIPAA standards.


WEDI stands for the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange. This site gives access to HIPAA white papers and industry information on e-Health, EDI and HIPAA. A HIPAA listserv is also available for signup.

Washington Publishing Company (WPC)

WPC is the official publisher of the HIPAA Implementation guides, Addenda and particular code sets.

SHARP Workgroup

A regional WEDI SNIP affiliate for the Southeast. SHARP provides HIPAA information, resources and conferences.