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As a clinic patient, you will be scheduled for a 45-60 minute office visit with one of our expert providers. Most new patients will complete autonomic function testing (AFT) prior to their appointment as part of their visit to help ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. If needed, more testing at our center may be ordered to further evaluate your symptoms. This may require a 1-3 day stay. Based on test results, history, and symptoms, our provider will formulate an individualized plan of care that focuses on both lifestyle changes and pharmacological therapy as needed. Your results and office visit note will be sent to your primary care provider to ensure that he or she is aware of your diagnosis and treatment plan. For some patients and depending on where you live, some primary care providers may assume the primary role of managing your autonomic disorder with help and guidance from our team of providers. 

Depending on the severity of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and treaveling distance, many of our patients will follow up in our clinic. In addition, our office relies heavily on the use of Telemedicine and communication via the Vanderbilt portal. Patients are encouraged to sign up for the My Health At Vanderbilt in order to ask questions and communicate with our nurses and providers. For information about the portal, please click here.