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High-Salt Diet

I have always loved salt so, for me, a high-salt diet was not a big problem. That being said, when I first got sick, I had an extremely difficult time tolerating pretty much anything I ate and that included salt. This meant that in the beginning, I had to focus on getting enough to eat—not getting enough salt. As my GI symptoms improved, I was able to consume more and more salt, but then eventually I had a different problem. I was eating junk food (chips, popcorn, etc.) just to increase my sodium intake and I was unable to exercise. As a result I was gaining weight. Only recently have I been able to strike somewhat of a balance between sodium and calories. And there are still many days when it is a challenge. Some of my favorite high-salt foods without a lot of extra sugar/calories are: soy sauce (over 900mg/tablespoon!), salted almonds, jerky (which is salted, dried meat and I personally prefer turkey which has almost 500mg of sodium in 1 ounce), soup, deli meats (ham), dill pickles and cheese. 


Other Things to Know About High Salt Diets