Seeing Dr. Raj (The First Time)

Over the next several weeks, I lost 20 pounds and realized that this illness was here to stay (which at that time I honestly thought meant a month or two). It was scary to be sick, but even scarier that none of my doctors had any idea what was wrong with me or why my heart was beating so fast. This went on for a couple months until I saw Dr. Raj at Vanderbilt. He was the first and remains the only doctor who could offer any kind of explanation for my symptoms. He told me that he thought I had POTS but that I had not been sick long enough to officially have it. He gave me salt and propranolol, but I was too sick for my stomach to tolerate the salt and I only took one propranolol and gave up on it. I felt relief at knowing what was going on, but fear at knowing that this was a CHRONIC illness.

Going Back to School