Education in Benign Urologic Diseases

Back Row: Ming Jiang, Renjie Jin, Robert Matusik, Yufen Wang, Opal Lin-Tsai, David Austin, Anne Wang, William Hayward, David DeGraff, Simon Hayward, Middle Row: Govindaraj Anumanthan, Marie-Claire Orgebin-Crist, Tom Case, Jean-Pierre Blaize, Hal Love, Freddie Pruitt, Doug Clayton, Doug Strand, Omar Franco-Coronel, Front Row: Manik Paul, Jingbin Wang, Irtiqa Fazili, Magdalena Grabowska, Xiuping Yu,
Mary Herrick and Connor Mueller.


Our Educational Research Goals

We intend to educate both the local research community and medical school students on the issues of benign urologic disease.



Local Research Community


We will develop a venue for local researchers and scientists to periodically meet and interact via the web site, web boards and an annual retreat.

Vanderbilt Benign Urologic Disease Center Summer Program

The Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy (VSSA) offers biomedical research opportunities to undergraduates who want to pursue a career in the biomedical sciences. Our program provides undergraduate students who are interested in benign urologic disease the opportunity for a research experience in one of the laboratories associated with the Vanderbilt Benign Urologic Disease Center. To learn more about our summer program, please visit the VSSA website.

Past Students of our VSSA Program

  • Matthew Cottam (Wake Forest University)
  • Mary Herrick (Auburn)
  • Alex Jang (Columbia University)
  • Katherine Konvinse (Cornell)
  • Erin Spencer (University of Michigan)
  • William Taylor (Vanderbilt)
  • Anne Wang (Washington University)

Our Research Experience for High School Students

The Research Experience for High School Students (formerly Research Internship Program) is an intense 6-week scientific research internship at Vanderbilt University, centering on full immersion in a Vanderbilt University or Vanderbilt University Medical Center research lab. Students engage in an independent research project under the mentorship of a research faculty member at Vanderbilt. To learn more about this program please visit the REHSS website for more information.

Past Students of our REHSS Program

  • Irtiqa Fazili 
  • Tiffany Khaw
  • Connor Mueller