Boothby Laboratory Members


Current Laboratory Members



Team TOR

Keunwook Lee, Ph.D., Research Instructor

Ariel Rayback, Research Assistant


Team ART

Sung Hoon Cho, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow

Mei Wei, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow

Ariel Rayback, Research Assistant


Flexibility and Commitment

Chris L. Williams, B.S., Graduate Student

Marcia Schilling, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow



Former Trainees


Pre-doctoral Trainees

Maryann Whitley: Research Scientist, Genetics Inst.

Lynn Stephenson: Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Molecular Immunology, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Radiah Corn: Post-doctoral Research Fellow, NIEHS, Research Triangle Park, NC


Post-doctoral Training

Leslie Casey, Ph.D. Executive Director, Preclinical Development and Immunobiology, Elusys Therapeutics, Inc.

Dingzhi Wang, Ph.D. Professor, MD Anderson, Houston TX

Jeehee Youn, Ph.D. Professor, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Ana Mora, M.D. Assitant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Mark Aronica, M.D. Staff/Assistant Professor, CCF and Lerner Research Institute and Medical School, Cleveland, OH

Shreevrat Goenka, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Indiana University/IUPUI Indianapolis, IN

Fuping Zhang, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Beijing


Other Training

Alex Dranovsky, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Columbia University, New York City, NY

Sarah Stanley, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Ben Emerson, J.D., Law School at Cornell University, now employed in I.P./Patent Law

Yingkai Tong, Pharm.D., Pharmacy School