Brian Weiler



Brian Weiler, BrianM.S., CCC-SLP is a PhD student in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences at Vanderbilt University. He received a B.A. (2000) from Davidson College and a M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology (2007) from Vanderbilt University Medical School. After finishing his master's degree, he worked at the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center providing speech-language services to children, specializing in the school-aged and fluency populations. His research interests include linguistic influences on the morphological skills of children with and without language impairment.  He has completed two PhD research projects addressing past tense morphology: "Lexical Aspect and Past Tense Marking in Children with Typical Language: Is There a Durative Difference?" and “Marking Past Tense: Complex Syntax Effects in Children with SLI.” Brian was a 2012 recipient of the ASHFoundation Graduate Student Scholarship. He is a trainee on a Leadership Training Grant from the US Department of Education, Preparing Teachers/Scholars in Language and Literacy, (PI: Schuele).  


Conference Presentations

Weiler, B. (2013, November). Verb selection considerations for past-tense interventions. Technical clinical session presented at the Annual Convention of the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Chicago, IL.

Weiler, B., Jacobs, M., Wisman Weil, L., & Schuele, C. M., (2013, June). Distribution of the relatives of children with SLI and their MLU-matched peers. Poster presented at the Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders, Madison, WI. 

Weiler, B. & Schuele, C. M. (2012, November). Marking past tense: Complex effects in children with SLI. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, Atlanta, GA.

Barako Arndt, K., Weiler, B., & Schuele, C. M. (2012, June). Elicited tasks: What's important (past tense). Poster at the Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders, Madison, WI.

Weiler, B. & Schuele, C. M. (2012, June). Predictors of past tense marking by lexical aspect category. Poster at the Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders, Madison, WI.

Weiler, B. & Schuele, C. M. (2011, November). An exploration of past tense marking and lexical aspect. Poster at The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, San Diego, CA.



Weiler, B. (2013). Verb selection and past-tense morphology: Crystal's criteria revisited. Topics in Language Disorders, 33,152-164.



Travel Award to the Symposium for Research on Child Language Disorders

New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship, American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation ($10,000)

Graduate Student Scholarship, American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation ($5,000)