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We operate a state of the art 24-hour per day 7 day per week facility for critical Medical Center enterprise information systems. We are responsible for monitoring the facility and its infrastructure as well as system and hardware operation.

Computer Systems Analysts (CSA)

If you need help with, or information about, the systems that support our work, including Operations Planning and Control (OPC), Removable Media Manager (RMM)/SecureSync, Total Report Management Solution (TRMS), and TRMS NET/WEB, contact the CSA group.

DR Conference Call Activation

The Conference Call Bridge Lines are communication tools that are deployed whenever there is a significant disaster-type systems outage. The Conference Call is usually initiated by a member of the DR Admin team or the Helpdesk Manager shortly after being informed of a widespread outage. Recovery personnel, managers and hospital administrators can call the number to find out what has happened, receive status updates, communicate concerns, exchange information and help troubleshoot known issues. If staff dial the number before the conference call bridge is activated they will be placed on hold until it is activated by DR or the Helpdesk Manager. Notification that the conference call bridge has been activated is usually made via text page.

Contact us at 2-3767 (322-3767 off-campus).