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Phone: 3-9779

VUMC Courtyard Catering Policy

Welcome to Courtyard Catering. We are proud to provide catering by the Nutrition Services Department at Vanderbilt. The Courtyard Catering team will be happy to meet with you to plan all your catering needs. You may contact us by phone at 343-9779 e-mail

A minimum food purchase of $50.00 may be required for delivery. Any items picked up from the catering area must be returned to the catering area.

Payment for catering may be made by a form (1180) standard requisition, credit card, cash or check. If paying by check, credit or cash, sales tax must be added unless you provide a copy of your tax-exempt certificate.

Please schedule your functions well in advance to ensure we will be able to accommodate the order. To ensure the proper planning/booking of your function we request 3 business days advance notice. Advance booking assures our availability, but in cases where we are unable to provide catering services a select list of vendors will be provided. The list is to be determined in the future.

Prices shown on the menu are for buffet service using disposable dinnerware. China and linen service is available for an additional $2.00 per person. Flowers, waiter service, linens and table skirting are also available at additional cost

Prices include either delivery and clean up or pickup by the customer.

A $5.50 delivery charge will be added for orders delivered to Medical Center North, Medical Center East, Oxford House, Godchaux Hall, Medical Arts Building, MRB III, and VA Hospital. There is no charge for delivery to VUH, The Vanderbilt Clinic, Light Hall, Robinson Research Building (RRB), and Preston Buildings (PRB).

Missing equipment will be charged to your account. You are responsible for returning equipment to the catering area if it is removed from the delivery area. Please be sure you have your department and date of function on equipment when it is returned for proper credit.

In addition to the menu shown, customized menu planning is also available. Contact the Catering Department at 343-9779 e-mail

All prices are subject to change.

Please see the attached Discretionary Spending Policy-Updated January 2009 in regards to food/catering.

Food will no longer be reimbursed by the hospital, except where required for recruitment or the surgeons OR lounge. When meetings occur between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm or between 5:30pm and 7:30pm, food may be provided, if pre-approved by the Executive Director and CEO. This applies primarily to individuals who do not have the flexibility to obtain meals at other times. All department heads will be required to submit a list to the Executive Director and CEO of those committees/events at which food service is requested on an annual basis. If changes occur during the year, these must be re-submitted. The maximum reimbursement will be $8 per meal.