Educational Initiatives -Instructional Material

The FPWC and the CPH are devoted to bringing forth educational materials for Vanderbilt faculty and physicians. The purpose for developing these materials is to instruct and prepare physicians, scientists and our trainees on professionalism and professional health related topics. Ultimately our goal is to prevent our faculty and trainees from encountering lapses in professionalism while enjoying a healthy, well-balanced career in health care.

Materials may be printed and used for further education of faculty and physicians at all levels in their career.  Within our educational materials you will find readings, self-learning modules, and lists of external resources that may be of interest to you. New materials are being developed and will be posted once complete. If these materials are helpful to you, please take the time to send us a note of what works well and what could be improved. An evaluation form can be found in the tab marked “evaluations.” Thank you for your comments.