A Plan for Identification, Treatment, and Remediation of Disruptive Behaviors in Physicians. William H. Swiggart, Charlene M. Dewey, Gerald B.Hickson, A.J.Reid Finlayson, and William A. Spickard Jr.

Summary: Physicians exhibiting a pattern of disruptive conduct represent a small portion of all healthcare professionals. Available evidence demonstrates, however, that their behaviors can result in increased workplace stress; contribute to poor workplace environments; contribute to disfunctional teams; reduce quality of care for patients and families; and increase risk of litigation for hospitals and institutions. Our experience at Vanderbilt reveals that both internal and external factors play a role in a physician's behavior and ability to cope with workplace stress. We have gained valuable insight into various means of identifying, assessing, treating, and remediating physicians exhibiting unprofessional behavior. the vast majority of healthcare team members conduct themselves professionally and without complaint. This paper will demonstrate how to address those rare individuals who exhibit disruptive and/or unprofessional behavior.