Session 1:

Presentation: Thriving in a Survivor World, by Dr. Dewey , MD, M.Ed.,FACP & D. Smith, MA


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A New You! A Program for the Women of Vanderbilt Medical Center


 Date: January 21, 2010

Time: 4-5 PM

Location: 512 Light Hall
Who can attend:  This program is free and available to all women working at VMC (faculty, staff, students, residents, nursing, etc,).
Purpose:  This session is focused on the women of VMC who dedicate so much to their work!  A New You is a four-session program that will encourage and inspire women in heath care to take a self-reflective look at their personal wellbeing. The program will teach them to focus and prioritize so they will thrive in their personal and work lives.  In this 4-part series, women will refocus on their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness as well as identify and contemplate behaviors and activities that will allow them to reach a maximum state of wellness and balance.
Sponsors:  This program is provided by the Center for Professional Health, The Faculty and Physician Wellness Committee and the Center for Women in Medicine.
Resources:  Will be updated periodically.  Currently available articles:

Women in Medicine Force Change in Workforce Dynamics, Bonnie Darves 



Video:  “Difference Between Male and Female Brains”