Dr. Spickard's Portrait Unveiling

May 21, 2010

(Left) Dr. Spickard and Dr. Dittus (Right) Dr. Spickard's portrait unveiling


(Left) A. Kaiser, Sue and Andy Spickard (Right) W. Swiggart, G. Manley & C. Dewey

(Left) K. Starr, G.Swiggart & D. Phillips (Right) Andy Spickard & Charles Bryan


(Left) Anderson Spickard, III (Right) Madeline and Howell Adams


(Left) Dr. and Mrs. Garriss (Right) B. Tichi, R. Neufeld, W.Swiggart & C.Dewey



(Left) Bill Swiggart & Colleen Conway-Welch (Right) Dr. Elam & Dr. Spickard


(Left) Mr.& Mrs. Swiggart

(Left) Diana Phillips (Right) G. Manley & C. Dewey

(Left) Dr. Spickard and Dr. Balser (Right) Dr. Spickard III, Dr. Balser & Dr. Elam

(Left) Dr. Spickard with his life-long friend Howel Adams