The mission of the Center for Professional Health at Vanderbilt is to provide a model of CME training for physicians who exhibit disruptive behavior in their practice, hospital, or medical school. We envision that this model of training will be replicated in various parts of the United States to help physicians deal with their distressed state that causes them to “act out” their frustrations with anger, and or passive aggressive behavior at work and with their families. 

We have learned in our experience with the group of physicians who have attended the course that they can improve their behavior and retain their staff privileges in the hospital or practice. 

The lessons we are learning with the physicians who have enrolled in the course to date will be similar to what we learn after completing the training of many physicians at other training localities. The facilitated small group process, confidentiality, role play, skill training, genogram (family tree) review, extended follow-up accountability and general discussion provide the ingredients for successful outcomes.

We believe most of the physicians completing the CME course will have major positive changes in their behavior, will be retained by their practice group or medical school faculty and will experience positive changes in their family’s mental health.