Facilities and Course Location
The course is conducted at the Center for Professional Health on the 11th floor of the Oxford House at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. All of the teaching and small group activities can be done in a conference room if the chairs and tables can be moved to accommodate the role playing, etc. The faculty generally retires to an office for lunch during the three-day course to check-in with each other to assess group and individual progress. This course is a CME activity however; the exercises certainly have therapeutic value and design. Participants are often encouraged to seek their own personal therapy with a counselor, psychologist or coach. The faculty maintains a psycho-educational stance in teaching new skills and overcoming barriers and resistance. Records of attendance, demographic data, and test results are maintained for the duration of the course. With proper consent, these records are transferred to a database with identifying information removed. We avoid making recommendations as to competence and certify only as to whether or not the physician completed the course. Physicians may elect not to receive CME credits and erase any evidence that they attended the course.