Course Evaluation
The main evaluation instrument for the CME course is the Team Behavior Survey. This is a questionnaire sent to the physician and his/her colleagues, supervisors and staff regarding the individual physicians behavior.
Hopefully, we can obtain the first Team Behavior Survey before physicians attend the CME course and then obtain additional surveys after the course to assess what, if any, behavioral change has taken place over six months.
Team Behavior Survey for Physicians:
This instrument is currently being used in the Program for Distressed Physicians at the Center for Professional Health to provide clear feedback to physicians as they return to their workplace after completing the course. This provides a baseline assessment and accountability to the physician as they attempt to improve their effectiveness as leaders. The survey was created by a group of collaborating colleagues from Vanderbilts Center for Professional Health, and Rush School of Medicine. This tool is based on the ACGME Toolbox item called a 360 degree evaluation. The tool is given to colleagues, staff, and administrators in an individuals work environment to assess and identify unprofessional behaviors.