Reasons To Refer 

1. Increased pattern of complaints about the professional, from peers, staff or patients/clients for example:
    Disruptive behavior – verbal or physical attacks, profanity, threats, inappropriate demands, etc.

  • Reported sexual boundary problems – sexual harassment, inappropriate verbal comments or touching, etc.
  • Difficulty performing job duties

2.    Sudden, unexplained change in behavior of unknown cause(s).
3.    Unclear diagnosis
4.    Repeated pattern of difficulty in managing anger.
5.    Concern about increased anxiety, depression, burnout or other mood disturbance.
6.    Cognitive impairment.
7.    Use the assessment as a tool for intervention when referral for treatment is needed
8.    When there is pending disciplinary action, licensing or credentialing issues.
9.    For return to work, or limited practice recommendations.