Half Day Retreat  Information for Retiring Faculty Members at VUMC
 Committee Members:
1.    Charlene M. Dewey, MD, Chair
2.    W. Anderson Spickard, Jr., MD
3.    Jeanette Norden, PhD
4.    Reid Finlayson, MD
5.    Roy Elam, MD
Goal: To provide faculty, nearing retirement, information on key issues to consider before retiring from academic medicine
Objectives: Participants in the session will
  •  Reflect on the four “must cover” items of retirement planning.
  •  Complete an action plan addressing the four “must cover” items of retirement.
  •  Identify gaps in their knowledge regarding retirement planning and develop a plan for addressing these gaps.
1.     Introductions
 2.     Andy’s Story: Sharing and Reflecting on Retirement
3.     Keynote Address: Jeanette Norden, Ph.D. “The Healthy Brain: What Money and Insurance Can’t Buy!”
4.     Breakout Sessions: (repeated) Discussion on Social Security
 5.     Reflections and individual action plans
 6.     Closing remarks and instructions
Session Moderators:
 1.    Charlene Dewey, M.D.
 2.    Reid Finlayson, M.D.
Sponsors/Administrative Contact:
        Faculty and Physician Wellness Committee/Center for Professional Health
        Course Director - Charlene Dewey
        Course Administrator - Diana Phillips
        Funding provided by the Center for Professional Health
·         Vanderbilt Credit Union - Bill Rochford
·         Financial Advisors:  TIAA CREF, Fidelity,  Vanguard,  VALIC