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Adult Plastic Surgery
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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
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Patient Care

We care for both adult and pediatric patients

Pediatric Plastic Surgery
The Plastic and Reconstructive Center at Children's Hospital offers diagnosis and treatment for cosmetic and reconstructive problems in children and adolescents. Our experienced plastic surgeons perform a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures including birth defects, tumors, trauma (including burns), cleft lip and palate, birthmarks and other problems of the face, head, trunk, and extremities (including hands).

Cleft and Craniofacial Center - Specially trained pediatric experts in our multidisciplinary team evaluate, diagnose and treat babies and children with cleft and craniofacial anomalies.

Hand Surgery - We perform to treat a variety of congenital hand deformities that are present at birth), as well as injuries.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Reconstructive plastic surgery is a distinct area of plastic surgery which differs from cosmetic surgery. While the goal of cosmetic surgery is to enhance or alter the normal appearance, the goal of reconstructive surgery is to reconstruct something abnormal to achieve a more normal appearance. These abnormalities typically occur from a birth defect, a disease your body has fought, an infection, or a tragic incident that you may have endured.

Breast Reconstruction - There are many options offered by the Vanderbilt Breast Center. Our highly specialized surgeons can explain and help you decide.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Trust the experts at the Vanderbilt Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, we understand that when you look your best, you feel more confident. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery offers you an exciting opportunity to contour your body and minimize the signs of aging so that you are more vibrant.
When choosing a cosmetic surgeon to enhance your appearance, it is important that you choose the best surgical team to fit your needs. The highly trained and experienced team at the Vanderbilt Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is Board Certified and committed to providing the personal support and medical expertise that you expect and deserve.