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The following represents collaborative works between Dr. Nanney and Fellows based on research performed during the fellowship period.

Original Manuscripts

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Chapters in Books, Reviews

  1. Greco JA, Nanney LB. Growth Factors and Healing. Chapter 30. Essential Tissue Healing of the Face and Neck. Ed: Hom DB, Hebda P, Gosan AK, Friedman CD. BC Decker, Inc Publisher, in press.
  2. Meier K, Nanney LB. Emerging New Drugs for Wound Repair, Expert Opinion, in press.
  3. Meier K, Nanney LB. Emerging New Drugs for Scar Reduction, Expert Opinion, in press.
  4. Adcock D, Nanney LB: Pathology of the Burn Wound. Chapter 10, Textbook of Wound Care, Ed: Clark RAF. W.B. Saunders, Inc. New York, New York, in press
  5. Schaffer CJ, Nanney LB: Cell Biology of Wound Repair. Chapter 4 in International Review of Cytology 169: 151-181. Academic Press, Inc., Ed: Jeon KW and Jarvik JW. Academic Press, 1996


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