Research Fellowships & Fellows

Plastic Surgery Research Fellowship

This Research Fellowship opportunity allows access to dedicated laboratory facilities as well as access to many cross campus scientific resources at the medical center and university. Working with award winning senior faculty and the laboratory director will provide a research experience rich with relevant discoveries to be presented, submitted for publication and shared with colleagues. The focus of the labs director is investigating molecular mechanisms controlling cutaneous repair and regeneration in mice, pigs and humans. Also a current study that investigates novel approaches to the repair of peripheral nerves after injury. The facilities include a histopathology lab, molecular biology lab, microscope with computerized morphometry and small animal surgery area and tissue culture facilities. Research opportunities for residents are plentiful throughout the medical center as well as independent studies. Many of these research fellows have distinguished themselves nationally with awards. All have authored multiple basic and clinical manuscripts from their experience in this research environment. Vanderbilt is among the nations top 10 grant awardees by the NIH. Applicants must submit an application through the Office of Graduate Medical Education

Director, Kent K. Higdon, M.D.
Associate Director Brian C. Drolet, M.D.

Current Research Fellow
Angel F. Farinas, MD
2017 - Present

Past Research Fellows
2016-2017 Marlieke Nussenbaum, MD
2015-2016 Ravi Bamba, MD
2015-2016 Lyly Nguyen, MD
2015-2016 Ashkan Afshari, MD
2011-2013 Kevin Sexton, MD
2005-2007 Joe Greco III, MD
2003-2005 Martina Okwueze, MD
2002-2003 Nadeem Ajmal, MD
2001-2002 Colin Riordan, MD
1998-2000 David Adcock, MD
1997-1998 Steve Paulsen, MD
1995-1996 Chris Schaffer, MD
1992-1993 James Roesel, MD
1991-1992 Barbara Wenczak, MD, PhD