Department of Surgery Research Collaborative

The Collaborative hosts meetings  every month in Conference Room 7455 MRB IV from 5-6 p.m., offering opportunities for informal discussion as well as presentations from both the basic sciences and translational research. Join us for discussion at our next collaborative.


Pathways in Oncology Journal Club

The Journal Club meets every Friday from 12-1pm in the Blalock Conference Room in Medical Center North (MCN 5245).


Department of Surgery Research Faculty & Staff

JAMES R. GOLDENRING, M.D., PH.D., Paul W. Sanger Professor of Surgery, and Vice Chairman of Surgical Research

PHILLIP E. WILLIAMS, B.S., Research Associate Professor

IRENE FEURER, PH.D., Research Associate Professor

KAREEM A. JABBOUR, B.S.., Research Associate Professor

L. ALAN BRADSHAW, PH.D., Research Assistant Professor

CHARLES ROBERT FLYNN, PH.D., Research Assistant

LYNNE A. LAPIERRE, PH.D., Research Assistant Professor

ANNA L. MEANS, PH.D., Research Assistant Professor