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"Basic science is the foundation of all other aspects of research that goes on, at a university, at a medical enterprise, in industry. It's really the building blocks for making all other discoveries."

-Susan Wente, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor
for Research and
Senior Associate Dean for
Biomedical Science

Invest in Discovery

Why has Vanderbilt emerged as an established leader in discovery-based research? We have what it takes...

  • A culture of genuine caring and concern.
  • An intellectual environment of collaboration.
  • National leadership in broad areas of science.
  • Leading researchers from all over the world.

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Building a Foundation with Discovery Science

Discovery-based research is like "pulling back a little curtain" to see what's behind it, and then finding something completely new - something that nobody has seen before. Watch this video (9:37) to learn more about how the Vanderbilt University Medical Center uses scientific discovery to venture into the frontiers of the unknown and bring back new knowledge that can relieve suffering, improve health and enhance the lives of others.

Making Medicine Work for Each Patient
Modern medicine saves and extends lives, yet too often, a treatment that works in one patient does not in another. With a culture of caring and sophisticated genetic capabilities, we are pioneering efforts to "personalize" medicine. Click here to learn more.

Discovering New Ways to Diagnose and Treat
Our scientists are conducting the early-stage, visionary research that could lead to breakthroughs in treating everything from Alzheimer's to autism. Click here to learn more.

Discovery in Public Health
Today's medical center must have a measurable impact on its communities - a block away or half-way around the world. We oversee a diverse array of efforts to promote healthier living and prepare tomorrow's health care providers. Click here to learn more.