Data Archiving

Save the Data!


A generous internal funding opportunity provided by the Office of Research has allowed us to develop a greatly improved date storage and retrieval system with help from the Bioinformatics Core.  Effective immediately, when a user names their experiment properly, they will be able to upload and then retrieve their files from a remote server whenever convenient.   The new format must be utilized to take advantage of this program, please name your experiments with the Principal Investigators VUNet ID, an underscore ( _ ), the user VUNetID, another underscore ( _ ), followed by the date using two digits for the month, day and year.

For example:


You can continue to name each tube according to whatever method you currently choose.  After each file is saved the FCS 3.0 formatted file will be exported to a local drive automatically, then periodically uploaded to the BlueArc servers.  If this protocol is followed a laboratory Prinicipal Investigator will have access to all the files from his or her lab, each user will only have access to files associated to their VUNetID.  We are populating the list to grant these permissions now so please be patient during this process and once complete you will be able to access your files from the following web portal: